SURPRISING the things you will find in a cemetery...

According to the Daily Express, a tree in St Cynog’s churchyard, at Defynnog near Sennybridge, Powys, Wales, has been revealed to have been around longer than the Pyramids.

The yew tree is more than 5,000 years old, from the era 3,000BC and could well be oldest living tree in the world, a title currently held by a bristlecone pine in California, known to be 5,063 years old.

Tree ageing expert Janis Fry said: “I’m convinced this is the oldest tree in Europe. It was planted on the north side of an ancient burial mound.

“It is so old that it has split into two halves, one 40 feet wide and the other 20 feet wide.”


The British weather continues to dumbfound. A Daily Mirror story says that people in Poole, Dorset were shocked when they were hit by a freak hail storm and there was flash flooding in nearby Bournemouth after heavy downpours and hail.


Congratulations to 38 year old Rebecca Coales, from Bristol, who, according to the Manchester Evening News, has broken a UK freediving record after swimming nearly four lengths of an Olympic-sized pool without coming up for air.

Rebecca Coales held her breath for more than two and a half minutes as she swam a total of 179 metres.

She told the paper: “I am so pleased I have done it. It’s my first monofin record. My sights are now on the world championships where I will compete in no fins, monofins and static dives.”


Many people followed the World Cup recently but not 39 year old Nick Hancock, who has just spent 43 days on the most remote outpost in the UK – Rockall – beating the previous record set by a solo man by three days.

Rockall, which is just 20 metres high, is 286 miles off the west coast on Scotland and is almost uninhabitable, reports the Daily Mail.

Nick, a chartered surveyor, from Ratho, near Edinburgh, was completely cut off from civilization apart from a satellite phone.

He said: “I’m not a football fan so I feel quite fortunate that I missed out on the television being dominated by the World Cup.

“My wife, on the other hand, is a fan and joked that she was glad I was away so she could watch all the games without me complaining.”

Nick's efforts raised £10,000 for the Help the Heroes charity. The only other inhabitants on the island were a few birds.

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