NO, never, surely not...a story in the Daily Star claims that an elephant at the West Midlands Safari Park in Bewdley, Worcs, took a 'selfie' after a visitor dropped his phone.

 Twenty three year old Scott Brierley told the paper that keepers ordered him to stay in his car and keep moving and said they would try to retrieve it for him later.


But when the phone was returned Scott was stunned to see 22-year-old African elephant Latabe had touched the screen with her trunk and taken a picture of herself staring directly into the lens.

 Scott said: “I really couldn't believe when the iPhone came back, I pressed the centre button to check it was still working and wow there it was – me and my friend were in shock.”


 Head keeper at the park Andy Plumb said: “Lots of people have dropped their phones at our park but I've never seen anything like this. What a picture! We're very proud of Latabe.”This latest survey doesn't surprise me as we don't use ours for the purpose it was built.


 The Daily Mail reports on research carried out by RAC Home Insurance which says that half of Britain’s motorists no longer use their garage to house the car.


Many families store sports gear, gardening equipment and household clutter and some even convert the garage into living space. And four out of 10 of those polled said their garage was so full of household items they could no longer fit their vehicle in.

 The report concluded: “Britain is a nation of hoarders as almost half the country’s garages are no longer used to park cars, but to store all sorts of junk and equipment as we don’t have enough room in our homes.”


 Well, better late than never I suppose. The Daily Telegraph tells us that Harrow, one of Britain's top and most historic public schools for boys has appointed its first ever female house master, Dr Susannah Abbott.

 She will be in charge of the supervision and care of boarders at the house, The Knoll, which opened in 1870.


 What a bunch of fibbers we are, says a story in the Daily Star. A survey undertaken by Ronseal revealed that Brits tell on average three lies a week.

 Only 14% of those quizzed consider themselves to be totally honest whereas 16% admit to telling a 'big lie' within the last fortnight.


 It seems men are most likely to fib about doing DIY, closely followed by telling their female partner that their 'bum doesn't look big' in their newest outfit.

 Women are most likely to lie when something is upsetting them, telling their partners 'I'm fine' when actually they are distressed.


 It's a hard life being a politician, I mean what do you do all day apart from squabble about which is the best party to run the country? Well, go for a drink of course.

 The Daily Express says that a Freedom of Information request has revealed that The House of Commons spent £1.43 million on booze for MPs and their staff in two years - and this from the very people telling the public to cut down on drinking. This equated to £1,100 per MP, per year.

 Nearly 50,000 bottles of House of Commons Sauvignon, more than 26,000 of house Merlot and more than 33,000 pints of guest ale were consumed.


 This BBC story may not be what some sweet-toothed youngsters want to read but a study carried out by the University of Leeds shows that children can learn to eat new vegetables if they are introduced regularly before the age of two.

Prof. Marion Hetherington, study author from the Institute of Psychological Sciences at Leeds, said:  “If they are under two they will eat new vegetables because they tend to be willing and open to new experiences. After 24 months, children become reluctant to try new things and start to reject foods - even those they previously liked.”


 Not to be recommended … The Daily Telegraph reports that a woman was caught on camera; driving for 10 miles, at 70mph, along the middle lane of the M1 while holding a novel at the wheel.

 Andrew Stonham, who was a passenger in a workmate's vehicle, said he spotted the woman in a Nissan Micra with the book spread across her steering wheel.

 “We were beeping at her and I was waving at her out of the window. She finally looked over, smiled and waved before carrying on as normal.”

 It is not known what book she was reading.

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