News Round Up

by Patrick O'Connor

APPARENTLY 9.11pm is the time that the typical Briton slips into their pyjamas.

The Daily Express says that a study by Premier Inn also revealed that one in 10 of us admits donning pyjamas immediately after arriving home from office or factory and that nearly a quarter have spent the entire weekend in them on more than one occasion.

It looks like a dream job despite the poor pay so no wonder then that more than 50 people responded to an advert placed by bathroom firm Bathstore for a 'Bathroom Executive Officer' to test their products.

A Daily Mirror story revealed that the bathroom tester role is on a 12 month contract with a yearly salary of £6,000.

However, don't be misled into thinking that all you will have to do is lounge about soaking in a nice warm bath all day. The successful applicant will be responsible for providing written reports and analysis on the overall bathing experience.

The televising of a football match got the red card because the swearing from fans was so bad.

The BBC reports that BBC Alba, which is the corporation's Scottish Gaelic language channel, delayed transmission of the Scottish Premiership match between Ross County and St Mirren, until 22.55pm, after the watershed, because of the amount of swearing that could be heard from fans.

BBC Alba feared that the amount of bad language would have breached Ofcom guidelines.

They had intended to broadcast the match in its entirety shortly after the final whistle. A spokeswoman said the delay to the transmission had allowed producers to edit out the bad language.

Purr-fect story in the Daily Mail about Molly the cat who has been reunited with her owner after disappearing over 10 years ago!

Molly vanished from her home in Gulberwick in the Shetland Isles in 2003 but has now turned up sitting outside her house.

Owner Lynne Peart told the Mirror that she instantly recognised the 16-year-old cat because of her distinctive markings.

She said: “I thought I was going mad. But I was so sure it was Molly. I called out her name and she turned around immediately, and then she started yowling. It's definitely our Molly. There's absolutely no doubt it's her. I really couldn't begin to tell you where she's been all these years. I think she's been living feral as her fur was very thick and matted when she came back. But she's fat enough. She's looked after herself in her years away. The vet actually said she looks younger than her 16 years.”

The Mirror also tells about a new wrinkle to worry about. It's called 'tech neck', a line around the neck and chin which is caused by looking down at handheld devices and computers every day.

And, so the story goes on, it has led to a surge of neck-related enquiries for non-surgical, knife-free face-lifts by the company CACI

A spokesman said: “We noticed a surge in enquiries for our product, specifically to combat lines around the neck area. We've identified a correlation between the rise of technology in recent years and the growth of the 'tech neck'.”

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