News Round Up

by Patrick O'Connor


IF you think reports of Britons going crazy with binge drinking could be over-exaggerated, read on.

According to the Daily Star, The Old Brewery Tavern in Canterbury, Kent has been slammed for getting 800 students to drink almost 5,000 Jagerbombs in one night.

The story claimed that people consumed an average six shots each – the recommended maximum alcohol intake for a week – after party organisers charged just £1 a time.

It was all part of an event to smash the record for the most Jagerbombs – 70% proof Jagermeister in a glass of energy drink – sunk in one night.

A spokeswoman for Alcohol Concern commented: “It’s outrageous, irresponsible and dangerous for a bar to sell booze in this way.”

Apparently Battersea Cats and Dogs Home has drawn up a list of their top mouse-catching cats to help Parliament get rid of vermin.

The Independent says that MPs' complaints about mice include sightings of mouse colonies, mounds of droppings as well as nibbled corners on official documents.

Pauline Latham, MP for Mid Derbyshire said: “Battersea Dogs & Cats Home do a fantastic job, and I would certainly love to have one of their cats come and take care of the mouse problem in my office.”

What's the game coming to...a Daily Mirror story says that an amateur footballer was sent off for kissing his girlfriend on the sidelines.

Vernon Rayner, of Goudhurst, Kent had just scored his first ever hat-trick for Sunday League side Winchet Hammers when he raced over to embrace watching Tabitha Burnham.

But the referee gave 34 year old Vernon, a second yellow-card for leaving the pitch without permission.

Club manager Chris Courtney said: “It was a bit uncalled for, to say the least. What's wrong with a bit of romance on the football field. He did well to score a hat trick, he deserved a kiss.”

Oh dear, the Bridgewater Mercury newspaper in Somerset tell us that builder Royston Grimstead was in a bit of a state after his pet dog chewed his £80,000 Aston Martin.

After Royston had left for work, Luce, a four-year-old border collie spaniel cross, started chomping her way through the car's wheel arch.

Royston, from Chedzoy, said: “When I got back in the evening she’d had a right go at it . I had advertised to try to re-home her because she does not get on with my other dog. She must have overheard me because she’s normally friendly and never really chewed on anything before.”

Not a title you would want to be saddled with but Copeland in Cumbria has been labelled the fattest borough in England, according to the Daily Mirror.

Cumbria is the fattest county in England with 68.3 per cent of people overweight or obese and Copeland, with 75.9 per cent is the fattest local authority area, claims new figures revealing the scale of the country's obesity crisis.

The Daily Express puts 'real-life superhero Jamie McDonald, from Tredworth, Gloucestershire, under the spotlights. For 27 year old Jamie has covered the equivalent of 200 marathons during a 5,000 mile trek across Canada dressed as a comic-book character.

Dressed as The Flash and pushing a baby's pram, he became the first person to run across Canada without a support team when he reached Vancouver, nearly 12 months after setting off.

Jamie said: “To dip my hand into the Pacific Ocean 11 months and more than 200 marathons after doing the same thing in the Atlantic Ocean is just incredible.”

His adventures raised funds for SickKids Foundation, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity and the Pied Piper Appeal.


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