News Round Up

by Patrick O'Connor

THE Daily Mail reports that 50 year old father of three Charles Brown was stunned when he was asked for ID as he tried to buy a bottle of whisky at a supermarket.

Mr Brown, from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, whose oldest child is 30, said: “I’m 50 and I can take it as a compliment but it has gone too far. I know I don’t look 50 but I don’t look 24.”



A spokesman for Morrison’s supermarket said: “We are required by law to police the sale of alcohol and take our responsibility very seriously.


“As part of this, we have adopted Challenge 25, a policy of asking for identification from anyone who doesn’t look over the age of 25. We hope Mr Brown took the request as a compliment as he must look very young for his age.”


Would this have been your choice?


According to a BBC poll, the theme to Star Wars is the nation's favourite film music.


Composed by John Williams (for which he won an Oscar), it finished ahead of the likes of Grease and Lawrence Of Arabia. And in second place was Ennio Morricone's score for The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.


According to the Daily Star, Karen and Ian Gilbert, from Pontypool in Wales, have beaten 200-million-to-one odds to have identical triplets.


Ffion, Maddison and Paige – who weighed 3.8lb, 3.5lb and 3.4lb at birth – are now home for the first time after spending six weeks in intensive care.


The things you find dumped in the garden shed...


The Daily Mirror tells us that a rare dummy parachutist that was one of 500 dropped over France on D-Day to confuse the enemy was discovered in the shed by a woman who was clearing out her late grandparents’ belongings.


The 3ft tall puppets were made out of a canvas sandbags, attached to a parachute and dropped in four different locations over Normandy whilst at the same time, thousands of Allied airmen landed in the correct drop-zones in June, 1944. It is not known how the item made its way back from Normandy to Britain.


A spokesman for Buckinghamshire-based auctioneers Marlow’s - which has sold it for £900 - said:


“The woman vendor was having a bit of a clear out of her grandfather’s shed when she found it.”


Whoops! Fourteen year old Nidaa Abbasi, who was taking part in a one and half mile race, ended up completing a half marathon by mistake after race organisers sent her the wrong way.


The Daily Express says Nidaa only realised she was in the wrong race when she suddenly saw a marker telling runners they had passed the four mile stage.


She was among dozens of youngsters lined up for the one-and-a-half mile Robin Hood mini-marathon in Nottingham.


However, when the lead car stalled, race organisers misdirected the children, some as young as eight, onto the marathon course which is only open for people aged 17 and over.


Although many of the youngsters realised the mistake, Nidaa kept on going until she finished the 13-mile course in just three hours.


Nidaa said: “ I decided to carry on, it was OK. By the end I was getting tired and I walked a bit. It was fun. I prepared for the mini-marathon, not the half marathon. I got to finish with my mum and dad who were taking part in the half marathon so it was nice to have photos together.”


Ah! That's where we first met....


Aly Hussein first saw flower-shop worker Michala eight years ago as she waited for the Number 75 bus outside his cafe bar.


They eventually got chatting and married three years ago but always remember the spot where they fell in love, said the Daily Mirror.


Now they have been given the bus stop sign, timetable and red bench as mementos to put in their garden after they were replaced by a council.


A friend contacted Bristol City Council after hearing that the bus stop, in Gloucester Road, Bristol, was to be replaced and the council agreed to her request for a part of the stop to be handed over to the couple because of its significance to them.


“Every day I used to see her at the same time in the same place and really wanted to get to know her so one day I took the opportunity to say hello," said Aly.


“We've now been married for three years but I'll never forget how we met and it's wonderful that we can keep a little bit of our history forever.”


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