News Round Up

by Patrick O'Connor


I don't believe it! According to the BBC, a new Christmas shop has been opened in Truro, Cornwall, in the middle of the biggest heatwave to hit Britain for several years.

The shop will sell nativity sets, decorations and advent calendars.

It will be leased by Truro Cathedral and its dean, the Very Reverend Roger Bush, said: “We've had a successful Christmas shop within the cathedral for many years and we've found, oddly enough, that during the summer months when we get more visitors, people want to buy good quality Christmas products.

“I know it looks a bit odd, culturally, to have Christmas things in the middle of perhaps the hottest time we've had for many years, but we do believe there is a demand for this.”

Some people say that Chris de Burgh's hit 'Lady In Red' gets on their nerves and that's certainly a view shared by Susan Baxter from Chesterton in Staffordshire.

The Daily Express reports that she has finally seen her noisy neighbour evicted after he repeatedly played the song over a four year period.

Mrs Baxter claimed Paul Foster would play the ballad through the night so loudly “it made my walls vibrate” and teachers complained that her three children would fall asleep at school after being kept awake.

She said: “At first I asked him politely to turn the music down He would say ‘Yes’ and then an hour later it would be back up again.”

Great story in the Daily Mirror that staff at a McDonald's in Greater Manchester banned a horse-rider from using a drive-thru - so she took her pony INSIDE.

Apparently CCTV caught the woman and her daughter taking her pet into the restaurant after they were told they had to tie it up.

And to make matters worse, customers had to watch as the animal went to the toilet on the floor.

The woman was handed a fixed penalty notice fine by police for 'causing alarm and distress' to customers trying to eat their lunch.

The Guardian reports that the oldest Briton has died at the age of 115 years and 199 days.

Sant Kaur Bajwa was born in 1898 in Pakistan but had lived in England since the 1960s.

She was officially the UK's oldest and the world's second oldest person. Twelve grandchildren and 28 great-grandchildren survive her.

Eleven year old football fan Charlie Silverwood has received a Real Madrid shirt signed by superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and his team-mates – but at a cost!

The Sun says Charlie was taken to see his team Bournemouth host the Spanish giants in a pre-season friendly match but had his wrist broken in two places when he got hit by a 35 yard Ronaldo free-kick.

Young Charlie was so determined not to miss the action he kept watching for the remaining 84 minutes — before going to hospital where X-rays revealed his double fracture.

He said: “It was very painful. I’ve told friends and they cannot believe it. Ronaldo is the world’s most expensive player — and he broke my arm.

“I could see the ball coming towards me. It curled past the post and was going to hit my face — so I had to block it with my hand. My dad was sat next to me and ducked out of the way so I took the full force.”

Bournemouth gave Charlie — who will be in plaster for the entire six-week school holiday — a Real Madrid shirt signed by Ronaldo and the team to “cheer him up”.

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