News Round Up

by Patrick O'Connor


IT maybe summer but two amusing football stories found their way into the national newspapers this week.

The Sun reported the amusing tale of England player Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain playfully ticking off his father who had fallen asleep in front of the TV and missed his son scoring a wonder goal in the 2-2 draw against Brazil in Rio de Janeiro.

According to the paper, dad Mark Chamberlain said that his 19 year son,who plays for Arsenal, reprimanded him by text after finding out that he missed the goal.

Mark said: “He texted me to say, ‘I heard you were asleep when I scored’. He wasn’t very happy. But I replied saying, ‘It’s not important that I was asleep — it’s important that you were awake!Everyone’s having a good laugh about it, but what can you do? I was tired.”

He added: “I’d taken his mum to the airport at 5am so it was a long day. I also had a couple of beers before the match, and that was it — I was sparko by the second half.

“I was gutted to miss it live — the first I realised Alexander had scored was when his agent phoned me up. I had loads of texts saying it was a fantastic goal. I’ve since seen it on replay and it’s a great shot.”

Mark is a former professional footballer himself and ironically played for England in an historic 2-0 win in Brazil in 1984.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror tells how a bunch of amateur footballers in the Essex town of Harwich decided to emulate the sport's superstars when they won Division Two in the Colchester and District Sunday League.

Duckpond FC celebrated like the pros with an open tour bus tour through their home town.

But unlike Premier League champions Manchester United, thousands didn't lined the streets to acknowledged their heroes.

In fact, says the Mirror, there were probably more people on board the vintage double decker bus than watching it as it set off through Harwich.

The team's captain, 25 year old Kris Muir, said: “We were having the time of our lives on that bus.”

Kris and his team-mates spent £600 on the hire of the bus and £250 on a banner.

Anti-drink campaigners have slammed plans by D Wetherspoon to open the first 24 hour pub on British motorways, says the Daily Express.

The company has been given the go-ahead for a £2million licensed bar and restaurant on the M40 near Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, to open 24 hours a day, seven days a week – with a licence to serve alcohol from 8am to 1am.

The Campaign Against Drink Driving founder Carol Whittingham said: “I’m absolutely astounded. People will be tempted to drink and drive and I can’t understand how the local authority has allowed it. It is just not necessary. You can buy alcohol on any street corner, so why tempt people by having it at motorways as well? I can see all sorts of problems and fear it is a disaster waiting to happen.”

Oh dear...

The Independent tells us that when children were quizzed by the British Nutrition Foundation on their knowledge of where food comes from, a significant number said that cheese comes from plants and fish fingers are made of chicken!

The survey also found that one in 10 secondary school children believe that tomatoes grow under the ground.

According to the Daily Mirror, rare champagne stolen by the Nazis is set to fetch at least £150 a bottle at an auction.

Two bottles of champagne were looted by an RAF serviceman, brought to the UK and left with his daughter.

The Chateau de Mareuil Montebello 1937 and Monopole Red Top by Heidsieck and Co are both stamped ‘Reserved for German Army’.

Elizabeth Bailey, of Hansons Auctioneers in Derbyshire, said it was remarkable the bottles still exist given “the Nazis’ unquenchable thirst for fine French champagne.”

Keep-fit enthusiasts at a council gym in Cambridge had a star-studded surprise last week when Hollywood superstars Matt Damon and George Clooney popped in, says the Mirror.

Damon spent an hour on weights at the Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre and then returned the next day with Clooney.

The centre's manager Liane Shadrack said: “Members found it a bit distracting and maybe didn’t work out to their full potential.”

The actors are shooting the war film The Monuments Men in nearby Duxford.

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