News Round Up

by Patrick O'Connor


WOULD you believe it?

When 18 year old Jake Stevens, of Gosport, Hants, was involved in a head-on car crash he was furious and leapt out of his car to have a blast at the other driver – who turned out to be his identical twin Sam!

A story in The Sun reveals that the twins collided at a junction a mile from their parents’ house as Jake was heading home and Sam was going to a football match.

They were stunned when they came face to face with each other.

Jake said: “I was dazed but fuming and ready to kick the other driver’s backside. Then I saw Sam charging towards me. I couldn’t believe it. At least I knew where he lived, so we didn’t have to exchange contact details.”

Both twins are insisting the other was at fault for the crash which caused £3,000 of damage to Jake’s Renault Clio and Sam’s Corsa.

Apparently lollipop men on duty at the country's 'most dangerous school crossing' outside a school in Lincoln are being fitted with cameras - after being knocked down by hit-and-run drivers five times, says the Daily Mail.

The measures have been introduced after lollipop man Dave Ellis was ran over three times, while his colleague Barry Brannick was hit twice in the last five months.

The pair have also had to dive out of the way of several speeding cars after drivers refused to stop when they displayed their stop sign.

Dave hopes the cameras can help reduce the number of reckless drivers who regularly speed through the two crossings.

There was also traffic problems in central London – thanks to Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise.

The Sun reports that Cruise was filming sci-fi thriller All You Need Is Kill in Trafalgar Square and all roads leading to the famous landmark were closed off to the public.

Only a few cast and crew members were present when Cruise arrived in a military helicopter in the early hours of the morning.

He was clad in the army uniform of his character Lt Col Bill Cage and there were several tanks on site.

Those clever whiz kids at manufacturers Cadbury have come up with a chocolate that doesn't melt, says the Daily Express.

Normal bars have a melting point of 90F, depending on the saturated fat content but at Cadbury's research plant in Bournville, near Birmingham, they have developed bars of Dairy Milk that stay solid even if exposed to temperatures of 104F (40C).
the breakthrough is due to breaking down sugar particles into smaller pieces, making it more heat resistant. The chocolate will also take longer to melt in the mouth.

However the bad news for Brits is that Cadbury only plans to sell the new chocolate in hot countries.

Spare a thought for Britain's worst junior football team who, says the Express, have begged league chiefs to relegate them after just eight games. Overthorpe Sports under-11s, from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, have conceded 85 goals and there is a fear the youngsters will be psychologically damaged if the hammerings continue.

Club spokesman Andrew Chatterton said: “The kids are getting annihilated and we need to go down a division to give them a fighting chance. If not we won’t have a team come the end of the season. It’s torture for them.”

Put it down to their age...

Veteran rock stars The Rolling Stones face a £200,000 fine because their 50th anniversary gig at London's O2 was 35 minutes too long.

The Sun reports that the group were meant to finish at 10.30pm — but defied local council rules by continuing to play encores for their cheering fans until 11.05pm.

Their agent Bernard Doherty said: “It means a big fine — but the guys just do their thing.”

What about this for a bizarre story – the local newspaper in Derby reports that the city council received a request under the Freedom of Information Act for details as to how it would tackle a zombie attack!

The letter – signed Mr S Wood – read: “I wish to understand Derby City Council's provisions and level of preparedness in case of a zombie apocalypse. I will understand if my bins aren't collected during this time but the beheading and safe disposal of the living dead needs to be a top council priority.”