News Round Up

by Patrick O'Connor


IT'S party time!

Unfortunately this one wasn't cause for celebration, according to The Sun.

Ex-shopworker Sandra Fosbrooke shared a £12.8 million Lottery jackpot with her then partner in 2005 but last week she was at a pub that she owned in the village of Five Roads, near Llanelli, Camarthenshire, when her 17 year old daughter Ffion decided to throw a birthday bash.

However, 200 'friends' turned up at the six bedroom house and police were called when violence broke out.

Six youngsters, including a girl of 18, were arrested. They face a variety of charges including affray, criminal damage, drug possession and public order offences.

The Sun reported that a couple of Sandra’s pub regulars had gone to the house to check on the party and found it was “out of control”.

One said: “There were about 200 people, with fights starting everywhere. It was chaos. I think someone threw a flatscreen telly out of the window. The house has been badly damaged.”

Mind you, the women at the party could come out on top if they had to run away from the police!

The Daily Star tells us that women can run further following a night on the booze. Apparently according to research, they can jog for 22 per cent longer the morning after a drinking session.

But men were 21 per cent slower after drinking up to four pints, says an article in athletics magazine Runner’s World.

Save the birdies!

The Daily Telegraph reports that there are 166 million nesting birds in the UK, compared with 210 million nesting birds in 1966.

Apparently the house sparrow has seen one of the greatest losses with UK having 20 million fewer sparrows than it did in 1966.

Scientist Dr Mark Eaton blamed change in land use so there is less food for birds to eat in the countryside and places to nest.

“It is shocking to think that we’ve lost one in five of the individual birds that we had in the 1960s, especially when you think that the 44 million birds we have lost since 1966 is equivalent to the current adult human population of England and Wales,” he said.

Did you know that in the UK a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne is cheaper that printer ink?

The Daily Mail examines a report by consumer organisation Which? revealing that the black ink in a standard cartridge for a home printer costs 51p per millilitre – around 240 per cent more than the 15p per millilitre price of a bottle of Dom Perignon.

Golden oldie...

The Daily Mirror reports that the world’s oldest working digital computer is back in action after 20 years stuck in storage.

A team at The National Museum of Computing in Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire, spent three years restoring the 61-year-old Harwell Dekatron machine, which was one of a dozen in the world when made in 1951. It was last used in 1973.

Meanwhile, the BBC tells us that a typewriter, which its makers say is the last to be built in the UK, has been produced at a North Wales factory.

Manufacturer Brother, which says it has made 5.9 million typewriters since its factory in Wrexham opened in 1985, has donated the last machine to London's Science Museum.

Brother said it had stopped making typewriters in the UK because demand had fallen sharply in this country.

UK boss Phil Jones said the typewriter still held "a special place in the hearts" of members of the public.

“Because of this, and the typewriter's importance in the history of business communication, we felt that giving it a home at the Science Museum would be a fitting tribute,” he said.

A happy home...

The Daily Express says that British mothers living in the UK's most remote spots should be among the happiest people in the country, according to a think-tank report on public quality of life.

The study showed women were generally more content than men but appeared to experience more anxiety. It also identified geographical "hotspots" where people could expect to enjoy a better life, singling out the Outer Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland.

Be a good boy!

A story in The Sun says that a teenage burglar was spared prison — after he agreed to help his mum with household chores instead.

Jamie Froom (18) was told he will stay out of jail after admitting to break-ins if he makes his bed, does the washing-up and is nice to his parents.

Judge David Ticehurst told him at Bristol Crown Court: “You can make your bed every day, do the washing-up and respect your mum and dad.”