News Round Up

by Patrick O'Connor

BIG cheer for the high and mighty Oxford University – they've finally caught up with the times.

A report in the Daily Mail reveals that the university has changed its dress code - “to avoid upsetting transgender students.”

Under old regulations male students had to wear a dark suit with dark socks, black shoes, white bow tie and a plain white shirt and collar beneath their black gowns when attending formal occasions such as exams.

Female students were expected to wear a dark skirt or trousers, white blouse, black ribbon tied in a bow at the neck, black stockings and shoes.

But now men will be allowed to swear skirts or stockings to exams while women can wear suits of white bow ties.

A spokesman for Oxford University said: “The regulations have been amended to remove any reference to gender, in response to concerns raised by Oxford University Student Union that regulations did not serve the interests of transgender students.”

How could they?

According to The Sun, a man was left to walk six miles home because his pet sheep wasn't allowed on public transport!

The mystery man was first stopped from trying to board a train in Wimbledon and then kicked off a No 131 bus in New Malden.

Adrian Harris, who spoke to him, told The Sun: “He didn’t seem to think it was odd having a sheep with him.”

Just because you are an sporting hero doesn't mean that the criminal classes will go easy on you.

Tour de France and Olympic gold winning cyclist Bradley Wiggins had his Olympic training kit stolen from a hotel in Surrey which was being used as a base for the Team GB team.

He tweeted: "Watch your kit at the Foxhills spa... there is a tea leaf about."

In a statement, The Foxhills Hotel, in Ottershaw, said he had left it unattended on the men's locker room changing room benches while using the sauna and shower facilities.

The rainy weather has meant that it has been a miserable summer for many Brits but for some it has been a business boost.

According to the Daily Mirror, mini brollies for dogs have become a big hit for fashionable pet lovers in Manchester.

The dog-sized umbrellas, which attach onto the animal's collar as a lead, are sold at pet shop Betty and Butch.

Owner Paul Fox said: “They are made by an Italian company which makes umbrellas for humans. We found out about them through a supplier we know.

“Only a handful of shops in Britain stock them. They've certainly come in useful given the summer we've had.”

Is it you? It can't be!

Lovely story in The Sun about 87 year old war veteran Stan Hodge who was stunned after bumping into a comrade – who he thought had been killed in battle 68 years ago.

Stan last saw Bert Haddrell in 1944 as they fought together in Normandy, France. Bert, who is also 87, was blown up by a mortar bomb and received such severe stomach injuries that Stan thought he had died.

Stan said: “One minute we were talking and the next he was blown up. All hell broke loose. Blokes disappeared all the time during the war, and I thought Bert was dead.”

But Bert was rescued by paramedics and taken to Scotland to recover.

The men were reunited as Stan spotted Bert at the War and Peace show in Kent.

Stan added: “I recognised his uniform and the thought came to me, ‘You look like Bert’, so I went up to him and asked. It was a moment of joy to see him again.”

Who's a smart boy!

Three year old Sherwyn Sarabi can already read, count to 200, list all the countries of the world and use an iPad.

Mum Amanda told the Mirror: “A couple of psychologists have both said he is gifted. I am struggling to find ways to engage him. He just always wants to learn something new.”

She added: “Sherwyn recently woke me at 3am, telling me how Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity.”