Football Diary


by Patrick O'Connor




OH dear! It was all going so well with the country and more importantly the national media behaving responsibly and not getting carried away with England's progress in Euro 2012.


But now that the Three Lions have won their group to clinch a quarter-final tie against Italy, everybody seems to think that this England team is better than it really is.


Let's wait and see...


Not surprisingly Uefa's decision to fine Croatia £64,561 for racism compared to the £80,000 fine imposed on the Danish striker Nicolas Bendtner for revealing sponsored pants has been slammed.


Manchester United and former England player Rio Ferdinand tweeted: “Uefa are you for real? £80,000 fine for Bendtner. All of the racism fines together don't even add up to that?! Uefa are not serious. (Uefa president Michel) Platini was a great player but him and his colleagues alienate themselves with exactly this type of rubbish."


The Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany added via Twitter: “Uefa might need to review their order of priorities, don't you think?


“Surely if you were a sponsor, you would consider racism as a more dangerous association than the damage caused by commercial opportunism?"


Oh dear! I read in the Daily Mail newspaper that three members of Chelsea's staff have been suspended after the Champions League trophy was damaged.


The paper reported that one of the handles was left hanging off after the three security personnel posed for pictures with the trophy to show off to friends.


Although it was returned to its original position, a member of staff noticed the damage the following day and reported it to club officials.


A club spokesman told the Mail: “The trophy was accidentally damaged while pictures were being taken. It was minor damage and has already been repaired. We don't make comment on staff matters.”


I'm not surprised to see that the directors of League One club Bury have dismissed suggestions that they could sell the club to provide Scottish giants Rangers a route into English football.


Newspaper reports suggested that new Rangers owner Charles Green was planning to take over an English lower league club if the Glasgow club are kicked out of the Scottish Premier League after being liquidated.


This prompted a swift statement on the Bury official website: “ Whilst investment into Bury Football Club is always welcome, any offer of investment will only be viewed at taking the club forward in its only one guise possible - based in the town of Bury, and as Bury Football Club.


“Bury FC is a proud historical club, and as such proudly represents the town, community, people, and above all supporters of Bury.“The directors of Bury FC place the integrity and morality of the club, and football as a whole, way above and beyond any possible financial gain, and as such wish to reassure all Shakers fans of this fact.”


Plan B then Rangers...


Finally a word of support for The Pompey Supporters Trust which has submitted a rival offer to try and buy financially-stricken Portsmouth who were relegated from the Championship last season.


Former owner Balsam Chainrai is attempting to buy the club but insolvency firm Begbies Traynor has confirmed to BBC South that it has finalised a bid on behalf of the PST.


The South Coast club is currently over £50m in debt after previous owners Convers Sports Initiatives went into administration.


Maybe if supporters owned more clubs then the game would not be in the money mess it is in at the moment.