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The UK on a Budget

from Visit Britain

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Want to make the most of your money in the UK? Here are some handy top tips to stop you breaking the budget on a night out.

Top Ten London With Kids

by Max Clarke

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Having now accepted our status as dedicated, if frazzled and rapidly aging, parents, my partner and I are devoting time to planning some activities for wet weekends and hyper half-terms joined by nephews and nieces.

June's Travel Article

7 Essential Facts About Holidaying in South Devon

by Sandy Lee

Kite Surfing

After loading your car with the essentials and the long journey south, the gorgeous countryside and quaint coastal villages of South Devon is breathtaking, and makes the long journey worthwhile. If you find yourself stuck for ideas, or want to do something slightly different while you’re here, then here are 7 suggestions to turn your South Devon break into a dream holiday.

Lost and found

by Patrick O'Connor

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HOW do you find something that is lost?

By following the road signs of course.

Costa del Sol Living

by Jay Neil

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Have you ever dreamt of owning your own Spanish holiday dream home on the Costa del Sol, Andalucia?