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Summer European travel can be rather expensive, but it doesn't have to be out of reach. Travel codes for discounted summer Europe travel are available for those who want to take three minutes out of their life to find them. Finding one of these little vouchers is like finding money. They can even mean the difference between taking a summer Europe vacation and staying home.

You can get travel codes for saving money on your summer Europe trip by getting special codes for European hotel stays through many travel websites. These codes can save you anywhere from a few dollars per night to giving you a four star hotel at a two star price.

Camping As a Holiday


by Alison Johnston and Richard A Johnston

As a family we have only been camping for a couple of years, but have grown to love it in ways I never thought possible, and been in situations we never thought possible!

Visiting Cornwall

by Mandy Miller

Tourism is vital to Cornwall and it sustains a large number of businesses, hotels, restaurants, shops, camp sites and attractions as well as many National Trust properties. Thousands of small businesses making everything from pasties to real ale depend upon the tourist trade. More than 290,000 visitors can be found exploring Cornwall's delightful towns and villages at peak weekends, driving down the winding, narrow lanes and visiting the many attractions, yet few places are overcrowded.

Why Study in the UK?

Are you thinking about studying in the UK?  If you aren’t, you may want to consider it.  There are several different benefits to studying in the UK.  The various courses offered at UK universities and colleges are tough, yes, but they are designed to prepare students for professional careers.  Along with the academic knowledge you will gain, there are other advantages to studying in an international environment.

When is a castle not a castle?

by Paul Stevenson

by Mandy Miller

When it's Castle Howard.  Castle Howard is one of the 10 Treasure Houses of England, and it has become a popular tourist attraction in recent years. Technically, it is not a true castle, because it was built after the castle-building era and was never used as a defensive position in battle. It is actually an English country house, and it has been home to the Howard family for over 300 years. It is easily recognisable by fans of Brideshead Revisited, in fact over the years, it has been the location for a number of different films.