The UK on a Budget

from Visit Britain

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Want to make the most of your money in the UK? Here are some handy top tips to stop you breaking the budget on a night out.

Pubs and Bars

  • Happy hours: If you’re heading to a bar for a drink or two, find out whether they run a happy hour and what time it is. Most bars run happy hours during weekdays, usually between the hours of 17:00 – 19:00. During these times you’ll find great deals and discounts on most drinks.

  • Student hangouts: Students are the masters of thrift, so head for their hangouts and you’re guaranteed a budget-friendly night out! Student union bars are incredibly cheap, although you’ll need a student card to get in. If you haven’t got a student card, check out the bars surrounding the university and the student union.

  • Backpacker’s bars: Like students, backpackers have got living on a budget down to a fine art form. Befriend a traveller and you’ve found the key to a cheap night out. Alternatively, visit the bars attached to youth hostels (e.g. Belushi’s, which you’ll find with most St Christopher’s Inn hostels) where they offer cheap deals on drinks.

  • Promotions: Look out for promotions on drinks – these are usually advertised outside the bars and offer money off drinks. You might see more of them on weekdays than weekends, so keep your eyes peeled!


  • Ladies nights: Sorry guys, but this is just one for the girls. Lots of nightclubs run weekly 'Ladies Nights' where girls get free entry, just for being girls!

  • Early entry: Some nightclubs charge an entry fee at peak club entry times, so the easiest way to avoid paying this is to go just before the charge kicks in (which is usually 21:00 - 22:00). Yes, the club might be empty at first, but it'll soon fill up (and you won't have to queue for hours for a drink!).


Courtesy of Visit Britain . Reproduced with Permission.