Photo by  Evgeni Dinev

Where To Go And What To See In Bulgaria

by Jessica Nielson (edited by Lynne Hand)

The weather in Bulgaria can be cold in the winter and very hot during the summer. The perfect time to plan your holiday starts in April, up until June, the weather is still comfortable and you will find many things to do. However, September offers beautiful fall colours and not as much congestion because most tourists are heading home, but the Black Sea is still warm enough to swim and enjoy the white sandy beaches.  If you enjoy skiing, then you will want to head to Bulgaria in December. The months of July and August will be hot, but you can still enjoy the beautiful Bulgarian beaches and attractions.

If you want some exciting things to see, make your holiday to Bulgaria exciting with a stop in Varna - this  is a must see for anyone who is planning a visit to Bulgaria. The Petrified Forest is a point of interest, it is an amazing place to explore. Then plan to visit the history museum and the Roman Spa, an ancient ruin that is said to be biggest in all of Europe. Then you can visit the Aquarium and Black Sea Museum, and while you are at the Aquarium, you can see the Dolphinarium, a show with the dolphins playing games, jumping and even singing.

Next, plan your holiday to Bulgaria to include a stop in Plovdiv to see the sights. There are some extraordinary things to see and do. Visit the Ethnographic Museum before walking around the city to see more Roman ruins and some historical houses. The amphitheater is still being used today and is has some amazing architecture. Take some time to view the area from the lookout at Nebet Tepe. The top of the mountain is a great place to sit and view the surrounding area. Nebet Tepe is the sort of place you will want to take some time and maybe have a picnic lunch.

Next on your itinerary should be a stay in Sofia. Sofia is a big city with so much to see and do. You can explore, dine and enjoy the nightlife. There are no laws for closing times and bars stay open all day and all night if the owners have a crowd, and there is always somewhere to continue the night if one place closes. The local bars usually close around midnight and that is when the nightclubs open up for the rest of the night.

You really need to take some time to see what the nights are like in Sophia. There's no trouble and people drink all night. It is amazing since the liquor and drink prices are so affordable. Plan your holiday to Bulgaria and enjoy everything there is to enjoy. See the old churches, visit the museums and see the history of the city everywhere you go. Take a day to visit Vitosha Mountain for a fantastic view of the area.

Bulgaria has many things to do, but if you need a little relaxation, sit by the hotel pool and enjoy the nice warm sun.

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