Zambia, What an Amazing Country!


When you travel abroad, especially far away from home, you want to have peace of mind. The same applies if you're on an African safari. If your desire is to meet warm, friendly people - then travel to Africa's peace haven, Zambia. In Zambia you'll find that which you most desire, the warm African welcome.

Peace, stability and friendliness describe Zambia. It is a country incredibly endowed with natural resources, the heritage of a natural safari country. Just imagine these amazing places:-

The Victoria Falls considered the world's largest curtain of falling water with the dimensions: 1,701 metres wide and with a 111 metre drop.

The wild untamed Zambezi River. From its source at Kalene Hills to its mouth at the Indian Ocean the Zambezi measures a whopping 3,540km, and 2,572km of it is in Zambia. The river flows through ever changing scenery. The wild exciting Barote Flood Plain is site of the colourful Kuomboka ceremony by the Lozi tribe, the violent torrent at the Victoria Falls and the 122m deep Batoka Gorge cut by the river, the serene Lake Kariba behind the hydroelectric dam - this is a lake with a great history - and finally the wide Lower Zambezi surrounded with game.

Add to your travel itinerary the Nchanga Open Pit, one of the largest open cast mines in the world and the largest in Africa. Operations started in 1957 and today it measures 4,700m long, 2,400m wide and bottoms out at 335m. Zambia's major economic activity remains copper mining.

Visit the 19 national parks and 34 game management areas. All this constitutes 30 percent of the 752,614sq km of Zambia. The management areas buffer the game parks. The parks are strategically located throughout the country.

The unbelievable yet fascinating wildlife in pristine wilderness. The Zambian national parks are considered to have the largest concentration of game in the world. The variety of animal species is wide with over 202 species of mammal that include the Big Five: lion, giraffe, leopard, rhino and elephant. Annually there is a wildebeest migration in the Liuwa Park. See the endemic red and black lechwe antelopes in Lochinvar's Kafue Flats, Busanga and Bangweulu Plains. Bird spotting is a worthwhile activity in all the parks, but Lochinvar is Zambia's prime bird sanctuary. Meet the rare shoebill bird.

Travel to Livingstone town near the majestic, awe-inspiring Victoria Falls now accepted as the southern African Adventure Centre. Here you can choose any of the following adventures such as river-rafting, bungi jumping, river boarding, skiing, fishing, abseiling, 4x4 off road driving, elephant safari, river safari, micro-light and helicopter flights over the Victoria Falls. Livingstone is a town of three museums; one on natural history, a railway and a field museum. Take a detour and visit a tribal village. Choose your accommodation from the many theme designed hotels and lodges.

Zambian weather is mild and pleasant despite the country being in the tropics. The high altitude at between 1,200m and 1,500m above sea level ensures that. There are three distinct seasons; cool and dry between April and August, dry and warm between September and November and the warmer wet season between December and March. However, the most popular time to visit is during the cool and dry winter season between April and August.

Zambia is beckoning you! The pristine wilderness, the profusion of wildlife including birds, the exquisite sunsets, the changing landscapes and natural habitat and the warm Zambian welcome of its friendly people. All these make Zambia a pleasant destination in African travel. It's a safari visit you'll treasure forever. ...And you'll never forget to exclaim "What an amazing country indeed!"


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