Discover The Hospitality And Magic Of Africa's Waters

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Scuba Diving

by Matthias Zeitler (edited by Lynne Hand)

Scuba diving is an amazing activity that allows your body and mind to be active in a wonderful way. Seeing the world that exists underwater transports you to a dream world full of creatures and colours.

If you are passionate about scuba diving then you are constantly looking for new places to go, Africa should definitely be one of your destinations at some point. You can find in Africa's waters anything from wrecks and sharks to whales and dolphins. Especially South Africa, which is one of the most visited places when it comes to quality scuba diving. The location is beautiful and you will surely feel like you are home because of local people's hospitality.

The temperature of the water can vary, so you can choose to dive in any kind of water you like. For example, in the Cape Province you can find cold waters, while in Mozambique the water is much warmer. In another area; KwaZulu Natal, you can find exciting wrecks, turtles, beautiful coral reefs and dangerous sharks. If sharks insterest you then you'll be glad to know that in the Cape Province you can get to see white sharks.

Another great thing that you must see when you do scuba dive in Africa is Rocky Bay, an amazing group of reefs. But, you should take care at this location, it is meant for experienced divers only. Finger Reef, Butchers Reef and Cowry Reef are places where you can easily find strange species of creatures, in myriad colours and sizes, including lots of species of coral.

About 8 kilometers offshore you will find Protea Banks, which is also a place for the advanced divers amongst you. There you can find a huge variety of sharks, including Tiger, Ragged Tooth or the Mako shark, depending on how deep you want to swim. Protea Banks is well known for this wide variety of sharks. You can get there in a semi rigid boat led by local people that are very familiar with that location. The visibility is very good, you can see even at 40 meters deep in some cases and the water in never colder than 24C during summer. Even so, as mentioned above, it is not recommended for you to practice scuba diving there if you are not experienced enough.

Another great location in the waters of Africa is Sodwana, which can be found near Mozambique. Here, you will also benefit from a warm climate and, as a diver, you will experience a wonderful underwater view. Scientists have identified over 1200 species in these waters. The species you will discover when scuba diving in these locations vary with the time of the year, depending on their cycle.

There are many other places that can be taken into consideration if you are a professional or even amateur scuba diver. Don't just read about it, go and visit these beautiful locations and you will be amazed at the underwater magic you will find there.

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