It's the time of year when the UK is filled with the sights and sounds of ghosts and ghouls: Halloween.  Halloween is one of the best times to visit London. During Halloween there are lots of parties and many events are organized across the city to celebrate All Hallow's Eve. One of the most famous events is the London Ghost Festival, which is celebrated every year for one week in the month of October and lasts till the night of Halloween itself.

You can read more about the history and traditions of Halloween here.

A huge number of tourists come to London, every October, to join in this festive celebration of spooky spirits and so London hotels are often full to overflowing.

Halloween is celebrated with a combination of ethereal events at the London Dungeons, which is a highly regarded museum that showcases some of the gloomier, morbid relics of British history. The main features at the dungeon are the Torture Chamber, the Labyrinth of the Lost, and exhibitions on the Great fire of London, the and the Black Death.  The place really comes to life when it is open late at night during the Ghost festival.

The performances for Halloween are designed to let the dark souls buried under the historic building, walk among the living.  This gruesome series starts from the 23rd October till 31st October.

Other Ghostly Goings On During The Festival

The main activity during this festival is the spooky Ghostly Boat trip organized by the Canal Museum. The boat trip passes through the dark tunnel of Islington.

The Smithfields Ghost walk is another event, where participants are told about the violent and bloody history of this area, which is thought to be one of the most haunted places in the UK.

Dramatic performances that visualize the lost souls of Charlton House are also very popular.

The highlight is the costumed Halloween Ball, which takes place on Halloween eve.

All of this has been organized to thrill the citizens of London as well as the tourists, and the festival appeals to the masses, young and old, which is why tickets for the events sell out quickly. So, it is wise to book your tickets for this festival in advance.

Other Events Around This Time

Many other events are held near the Ghost festival area.  

Such events are only walking distance from the main site where the festival is held.

These events include:-

Theatrical events at ‘Shun Vaults' performed by Shun artists to recreate the magic of radio and dance entertainment. It has a pub, where the anarchic spirit of drama lives.

Southwark Playhouse founded in 1993, where dramatic offerings include plays like The Canterbury Tales

The ever popular ‘Drum cafe', which brings a blend of African Drum music with fun and communal harmony. A nice place to visit and experience the thumping beat.


As mentioned above, a high number of tourists arrive in the city during October.  In fact, it is considered peak season, but many hotels still lower their rates which can make your stay quite affordable, so look out for good discounted hotels.  There are many premises on offer. Hotels of all kind, from luxury, and boutique hotels, to cheap lodgings and B&B, they are all available.  So, it is high time you booked your accommodation to experience the most macabre event of the year ‘The Ghost Festival'.

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