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Show a Little Respect

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by Patrick O'Connor

IN common with most football grounds recently, Derby County held a minute’s silence before their English League Cup game against Leeds United as a tribute to those who lost their lives fighting for their country.

As a few noisy Leeds latecomers entered the stand, the more senior visiting fans shouted out “Sshhh… some respect.”

And respect – or rather the perceived lack of it – was at the heart of a bitter exchange of words in the Rugby League World Cup Group A clash between England and New Zealand in Australia.

I'm off then

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by Patrick O'Connor

“HOW far they can progress is anybody’s guess but they are establishing a great public following which is vital in a competition determined by telephone votes.”

Prophetic words in an article I wrote for the English Magazine a couple of months ago about the former BBC political correspondent John Sergeant and his Siberian professional dancing partner Kristina Rihanoff who were taking part in the hit BBC TV show Strictly Come Dancing.

Get in Touch With the Hippie Culture

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by Jay Brandley edited by Lynne Hand


The term hippie is often misunderstood by many. When thinking of the word or term hippie, many people often picture a bunch of people with beards, headbands, peace signs and bell-bottom jeans (see above).  Well, there is much more to the concept of what a hippie or the hippie movement is.

Online Forum Membership – Is It For You?

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by  Heather Pears

Are you lonely because you don’t know anyone else who collects pet rocks? You don’t need to be alone; chances are there is an internet forum for people who love to talk about pet rocks.

That might seem a silly example but on the internet there is a forum, or discussion board, for almost any topic you can think of. People like to talk about things and share ideas and an internet forum is one of the places that allows you to do that.


The E-mail Craze

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by Heather Pears

Email has become the most popular way for people to communicate with each other; some say it’s even more popular than using the telephone, which might seem hard to believe until you take a look at some of the reasons why people prefer email to phone calls.