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No, after you!

by Patrick O'Connor

Photo by Amatsu Therapy

DURING the last few months I have been fortunate enough to enjoy walking in three beautiful areas of the English countryside.

Firstly there was the breathtaking Northern Cornish coastal paths around Perranporth, then the rugged Peak District in Derbyshire and most recently the spectacular South Sussex Downs.  All three enabled me to enjoy the pleasure of being in fresh air, encountering walks of between five and seven miles through terrain of varying toughness.

The Tea Party - Past And Present

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by Michelle Bery

Nothing retains the lustre of childhood more than a tea party. In the social infancy of our youth we set our tables, put out the perfect set of dishes – commonly small and plastic at that innocent time in our life – and invited all our friends; who if not imaginary were stuffed and furry. We took tea in the realm of fantasy where princes and princesses danced the night away at royal balls and fairies anointed the room with their magic dust.

The Mythology of Fairies: An Irish Legend

Flying fairy

by John Hill

Many years ago in ancient times, as children played on the dew kissed emerald hills of Ireland, a great dark shadow fell upon the earth. As the villagers ceased in their daily labours to peer up into the sky their very hearts also ceased to beat in their chests. There, in the once crystal sky, a great black cloud was descending and upon it stood a terrifying glimmering army of soldiers too many to number. As the great cloud molested the earth, the very ground shook as the glimmering army set foot upon the land.

Thus begins the Irish legend about the Tuatha De' Daanan.

What's cooking?

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by Patrick O'Connor

THERE it was. In the middle of the article. In black and white - a simple sentence which exposed the whole sorry sham in five succinct words. "White didn't do any cooking."

Is it a challenge?

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by Patrick O'Connor

GAIL Trimble is currently the subject of much chatter amongst the chattering classes.

She's the 26 year old classics student who led her Corpus Christi College, Oxford, team to triumph in the final of BBC television's University Challenge quiz (before they were disqualified because one of the team was no longer a student by the time the final was held).