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Music and Communication

Musical note

English is now a common language around the world, but for thousands of centuries, people from different areas of the world have made contact without sharing much or any common language, and let's face it - many still do. But have you ever thought about the way people communicated long ago, before formal languages even existed? Doesn't that make you think about the different ways in which people may communicate now, even when they do not share a common language? In the early stages of human life, music was probably used more for communication than for pleasure: drums, horns and bells, even the human voice; pitched to carry many miles. Some researchers believe that early forms of human language developed from communication through music, and certainly music continues to fulfil many functions in different cultures today.

Why School Uniform Rules!

School Uniform

by Dr Helen Wright

Everyone remembers their school uniform – from that scratchy skirt to that uncomfortable tie. Like those tough teachers we respected because they were uncompromising and made us give of our best, we never forget what we wore every day for up to 13 years of our life. Can it seriously have been a good thing?

The Serious and Silly News of 2009

News 2009

Once again, another year has moseyed off into the sunset, tipping its hat goodbye like a trail-weary cowboy, only to have a brand new one take its place. It seems like the past year had more than its share of drama, as well as intermezzos of nonsense.

With high hopes for a prosperous and healthy 2010, let's look back at the serious and silly of 2009.

"It's my world"

(originally posted in the Learn English forum)

by Jarp  Corrected by Lynne Hand:-

Well, it's going to be a new decade soon. Are you already missing the year 2009?  I have to brutally honest now and tell you that it's gone, all gone and you won't get it back.  For good or bad, it's going to be in your memory as your childhood, or your first day of work or school, but of course, as a wise human from the planet earth, you already knew that.

You have to Hand it to the Handshake

The Handshake

You often hear the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words", and rightly so. Sometimes a visual representation succinctly says more than words ever could. When we meet people, we often use non-verbal visual communication to convey a message. A smile, a frown, and a wink are examples of how we replace words with gestures.