Rites of passage are what we call those times in all our lives which mark a transition from one way of living to another, a moving forward. They are different in different parts of society in different countries, and often dictated by religion - Jewish children for instance have their bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah in their early teens.

According to Islamic belief the words of God are whispered into a child’s ear at birth.

In the Christian church Easter is a traditional time for baptisms, a rite of passage, in this case the first step into the Christian family. Other rites of passage are marriage, the birth of a child, their first day at nursery or school and later graduation from college or university.

There will be different things according to the country you live in. What do you do to celebrate an engagement for instance ? What rituals are associated with a marriage?

We like to share information about our culture and traditions on the English forum. Do write and tell us what you do to celebrate these rites of passage.

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