"When I was just a little girl", do you remember the song? It went, ‘When I was just a little girl I asked  my mother what will I be?’  It is sometimes called ‘Que Sera sera’ and I think the singer was Doris Day. It is about a little girl asking her mother about the future ‘Will I be pretty, will I be rich? ‘
I’ve just been watching a video on YouTube that features an elderly nun singing her own version of the same song. She apparently used to ask ‘Will I be bishop? Will I be pope?’ You can guess the answers she got  - one line I remember from the video clip was ‘The future is for men to say.’ The sister concerned was young a very long time ago,  even before Vatican 2, but not a lot has changed as far as her church is concerned.

I don’t actually remember asking my mother such questions. I was a very contented child who just did not look into the future, except maybe ‘Are we going to Granny's today?  It certainly did not occur to me in those days that women could have any voice in the church and I didn’t even question it. I didn’t even begin to question my future until I was in my teens.  I assumed I would go to agricultural college, because  it was my favourite place, that was where my uncle taught  and it was where we went every weekend. In those days you didn’t have to have passed exams in particular subjects, although I did do biology.

It wasn’t until there was an announcement at school ‘Would anyone interested in the National Health Service as a career go to the careers office after assembly.’ We had a maths lesson next and I hadn’t done my homework. Half an hour later I had an interview booked at a large hospital  and in time I became a nurse and later a midwife.
  Just imagine that! My whole future decided because I didn’t do my homework.

So, did you have childhood dreams? I wonder what they were.

Did you want to be a pop singer or a ballet dancer, a lawyer or a nurse?  Perhaps your childhood dream was to fly jets, to be an explorer, to compose a hit record or write a book?  I’ve seen 5 year olds on television absolutely sure what they want to do. I wonder how many of them achieve their dreams, or does something else come up. Are their dreams even realistic? I mean, how many astronauts does the European Space Agency need?

Could you explain your dreams to someone? Do you have a blog or Facebook page? What are you doing about them? You could write them in English, and if your dream is to be fluent in English what are you doing about that? Are you really working at it? What are you doing? Do you have a programme of study or are you a member of a group?   Is there someone you regularly speak English to?

The nun I mentioned at the beginning is not likely to be pope in the near future, but that doesn’t stop her talking about it to anyone who will listen.

So whatever your dream is get talking  about it - in English whenever possible.