Choosing Promise And Claddagh Rings

If you are going to talk about jewellery that really, really holds significance you need to include the ring. Rings are an ultimate symbol of loyalty. They have been used for centuries to bind agreements with friends, families, lovers, and religion. Their circular shape accentuates their relation to the idea of eternity. There are so many kinds of rings from which to choose, but each has a special story behind it. That is, essentially, why rings make fantastic gifts.

What kind of ring do you get the person you love? Well, if you are not planning on diving into marriage you can still find alternatives to an engagement ring. Promise rings, for example, are extremely popular. They are selected by the couple as a way to express their love and devotion. It is a way of saying that your heart belongs to the other person without setting any dates and printing out invitations to a wedding. You get a promise ring if you are definitely sure that the person that wears its counterpart is "the one," not just "the only one at this moment." You can buy promise rings in a band or heart style. Promise rings can be worn by both men and women (and honestly should signify both people are involved).

Claddagh rings are also a fantastic choice. They are deeply rooted in Irish culture.  These rings feature two clasped hands around a heart. The heart is royally crowned. The three symbols together represent love, loyalty, and friendship. It's a ring with a lot of myth behind it. It was common practice in the 18th and 19th century but it has an everlasting appeal. Hailing from the town of Claddagh, known for its fishing, these rings are used in the place of promise rings, engagement rings, and wedding rings. All you have to do to signify the change in status is the hand on which you wear it and the direction in which the heart faces. The heart facing outward signifies freedom, the heart facing inward signifies you are in love.

These rings are two of the more popular options for couples. They're often sterling silver, gold, or white gold. Some will feature diamonds. There is a good mix of traditional and modern designs so you can find jewellery that matches your personality and style. Should you feel unsure of a ring but you know that you do like it, ask if there is a way you can have it customized. is a family run jewellery business. They are devoted to getting their customers the best quality jewellery. Anything from claddagh rings, to anklets, to shamballa bracelets you can find it here. Check out the blog at for more information on jewelry.