You may have read in our latest News Round Up that supermarkets across the UK have been rationing the sale of broccoli, courgettes, aubergines, lettuces and other veg, due to supply problems following the atrocious weather in Europe.  Well The Sun has come up with the headline "Broc of Gold" to highlight how some shop owners and market traders are "cashing in" on this by charging up to five times the going rate for vegetables. For example: Courgettes, which are available for £1.89 per kilo in Tesco, were going for £6 a kilo, and a kilo of broccoli was spotted for £5 a kilo!

The Sun headline writers used the idiom "A crock of gold", which can be used to describe a large but distant or imaginary reward, replacing "crock" with "broc" (short for broccoli).  

Of course there is another idiom "A crock of s!1t", but that wouldn't have rhymed with crock.