The full headline in the Daily Star reads, "Train passenger tries to book a neigh day." It's a story about a man in Wrexham who tried to take his pony onto a train going to Holyhead.  He asked station staff for, “Two tickets please – one for me and one for my horse."  A passenger Mike Herbert, said: “I’ve heard of the Pony Express, but this was ridiculous. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the lift opened."

A neigh day, is a play on the word awayday, which is a kind of train ticket in the UK bought for a trip taken for pleasure, relaxation, or a day excursion.  The "Pony Express" was a system of rapid mail transportation by relays of horses that operated from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Sacramento, California, in 1860-1861 and an Express Train is a train run at express or special speed that makes very few stops.