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John Smiths Bitter


Set at an Olympic diving competition - A diver does a complicated dive and gets pretty high marks from the watching judges. A second diver steps up and does a better dive and gets higher marks.  John Smith steps up in Bermuda shorts and just jumps and "bombs" into the water, earning him full marks from all the judges he had also soaked. Showing a builders bum as he gets out of the pool a pint of John Smiths pops up.


Commentator: Three divers  to go then, and this is Darren Croll of Australia.  Oh! That's a good dive -  642.2.  And now Petit of Canada. Och! Even better. This final really hotting up.

Now the favourite, John Smith of Great Britain. What can he do? Oh terrific! The crowd love it, and so do the judges! Top bombing!
!Note - Bombing in British swimming pools is forbidden!

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Avista Language School


There's a goldfish in a bowl on a table. In the background you see a grey cat jump onto the table. The goldfish becomes agitated. The cat walks towards the bowl, licking its lips. By now the goldfish is in a complete panic. The cat watches the goldfish swim around the bowl. The goldfish tries to hide at the bottom of the bowl and looks up nervously. The cat licks its lips again in preparation, it lowers its head towards the water. The goldfish opens its mouth and barks loudly. The cat yowls and runs off.

The goldfish happily returns to swimming round its bowl. A caption reads "Learn Another Language."

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