Patak's Curry

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Patak's Curry

Boy:  My name is Kirik Patak.  When my parents arrived from India, they started making their own authentic dishes.  They had their own special paste recipes, which made it easy for everyone to make delicious curries.  You wouldn't believe how popular we became.  Our neighbours couldn't get enough of our cooking.   After a while our little kitchen grew into a big business, and I grew up to be chairman.  I never did learn to play the guitar though.  Pataks - Why Britain loves curry.

!Note - Patak's is a brand of curry pastes and spices.  The company was started in 1957 by Gujarati Brahmin Laxmishanker G. Pathak after he arrived in London, with his wife and six children, from Kenya.  He only had £5 in his pocket.  He could not get authentic Indian food locally and so from his own kitchen he and his wife Santaguary started making authentic Indian foods to sell to the local Indian immigrant population.  In 1958 they opened a shop in London selling Indian goods and groceries.   Nowadays Patak's supply 75% of British curry houses with sauces and mixed spices, and sell ready meals to all the major UK supermarkets and other retailers throughout Europe and North America.  They are now owned by Associated British Foods.