April's Advert of the Month


An oldie but goldie. 

Watch the advert first, then read the transcription:-





A man (Tony Hancock) is sitting at the table doing a crossword:-

Mr Hancock: I'm rather good at crosswords.  The trouble is they make them too easy.  6 down, let me see now, a four letter word beginning with e and ending in s; a valuable food, rich in protein.
Mrs Hancock: Eggs!
Mr Hancock: I beg your pardon?
Mrs Hancock: A valuable food, rich in proteins is eggs.
Mr Hancock: It is not eggs.
Mrs Hancock:  It is eggs.
Mr Hancock: It is eels. I've written it down and it fits!
Mrs Hancock: But if it was eggs, then 7 across 'd be pig.
Mr Hancock: It is not pig, it is pie.
Mrs Hancock: But look at the clue! Pork and you may hear it grunting.
Mr Hancock: Well you've heard of a pork pie, haven't you?
Mrs Hancock: I've never heard of one grunting. Look, change pie to pig and pal to dog and you've got eggs. And they're rich in protein and a very valuable food. Good value is egg shaped.
Mr Hancock: You've completely muddled me up, I'll have to start again now.
Mrs Hancock: That's it! Start the day right with eggs.
Mr Hancock: Oh this is hopeless. Look, I've gone right through the paper. It's your fault.

He dips his rubber into the egg.

Mr Hancock: Yuck.