Watch the advert, then read the transcript. 


Ben: Hi.

Katy: Hi.

Ben: I'm Ben.

Katy: I'm Katy.

Ben: You're gorgeous.

Katy: You're amazing.

Ben: I think I love you.

Katy: I love you too.

Ben: Let's move in together.

Katy: Let's get married.

Ben: Let's have kids.

Katy: Two.

Ben: Three.

Katy: Four!

Ben: I'm so glad we met.

Katy: Oh, me too.

Ben: Actually...

Katy: It's not you, it's me.

Ben: I just need some space.

Katy: You're stifling me.

Ben: I want a divorce.

Katy: Talk to my lawyer.

Ben: I'm keeping the CDs.

Katy: In your dreams.

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!Note - In the UK you have to have a TV licence if you watch or record live TV.  Even if you only do so on your computer or mobile device.