Watch the advert, then read the transcript. 


Scammer:  Hello, I'm David, from Barclays.

Banker: He's lying.

Scammer: I'm currently in the process of upgrading your account.

Banker: No, he isn't.

Scammer: So, I just need your full password.

Banker: No, he doesn't.  It's a scam.

Scammer: Once I've got that, I can send you a link to access the account.

Banker: That's also a scam. Every year millions are lost to fraud. At Barclays, we'll never ask for your full password or pin, so never give it out.

Scammer: Thanks for your time.

Banker: At least that's true.

!Note - Barclays is a major UK bank. It was founded in 1690.