Watch the advert, then read the transcript. 


Voiceover: Want to make the most out of every day? Even in winter? Try drinking Actimel, it contains yoghurt and L. Casei live cultures. It also contains vitamins D and B6, which support the normal function of the immune system, so you feel ready to take on the day.

Actimel. Has your immune system had breakfast today? 

!Note - Actimel (also known as DanActive in the United States and Canada) is a 'probiotic' yoghurt-type drink produced by the French company Danone. The main claim for Actimel is the strengthening of the body's natural defences through the use of patented bacterial culture called Lactobacillus casei. Each bottle is claimed to contain 10 billion of these bacteria.  Actimel can be found in more than 20 European countries as well as in South America and the Middle East.