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Male Voiceover: That's Ed.  He's a sofa bear. Obviously. Sofa bears, especially the 3-seaters like Ed, can hibernate in front of the TV for entire weekends, which is why they go for Virgin Media, so they can access an immense library of movies and box sets.  

Sofa bear: ROAR!

Male Voiceover: Sofa bears; best not disturb.

Female Voiceover: Get the Big Kahuna movies bundle.  From 50 a month, for 12 months, with Sky Movies, access to Virgin Movies, and now with Netflix for 6 months.  Plus, all of this.  Experience the power of our network.



!Note - Virgin Media is a company providing fixed and mobile telephone, television and broadband internet services to businesses and consumers in the United Kingdom.  Netflix and Sky Movies are providers of on-demand Internet streaming media.