Watch the advert, then click on "Read More" to read the transcription:-


Hairdresser1: The perfect sandwich?

Hairdresser2: White bread.

Hairdresser1: Brown.

Hairdresser2: White

Hairdresser1: Brown.

Female Golfer: Bagel!

Male Golfer: Bap!

Taxi Passenger: Bap?

Window Cleaner1: With bacon.

Window Cleaner2: Salami.

Window Cleaner1: Salami? Salami.

Hairdresser1: Ham should be thinly cut.

Hairdresser2: Thickly.

Hairdresser1: Thinly.

Hairdresser2: Thickly.

Female Golfer: Not cherry tomatoes?

Male Golfer: Plum.

Taxi Passenger: Plum? Man alive! What's wrong with big tomatoes?

Hairdresser2: And to top it off?

Female Golfer: Hellman's.

Male Golfer: Hellman's.

Taxi Passenger: Hellman's.

Hairdresser1 & Hairdresser2: Hellman's.

Taxi Passenger: You create the sandwich... Hellman's makes it! (Sings) That was the feta cheese in the black bread.


!Note - Hellmann's is a brand name in the UK used for a line of mayonnaise and other food products.  The brand is owned by Unilever.