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What are you upset about? Are you angry, annoyed, irritated about something or someone? Do you have a grievance? Have you been offended or treated unfairly? You can complain and get results. If you have a problem with your school, city, county, state, or national government you can do something about it. Or if you have disputes with your landlord, a business or company, you can use the following steps to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.



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by My Booking Manager

The workshop was over. The delegates had long gone and Margaret Kerr was recovering with a cup of coffee. The room was strewn with sheets of flip chart paper, the debris of the buffet lunch and countless empty coffee cups covered every horizontal surface in the room. Margaret was drained. The workshop had been a tough one for a trainer; the delegates had all been sharp and smart; they had challenged her knowledge and demanded long explanations of the reasons behind the theories she was asking them to buy into. She looked at the bomb-site that was once an orderly training room and knew she didn't have the energy to do much more than crawl to her car. After all, she reasoned, the conference center cleaning staff would tidy up, wouldn't they.


How to Avoid Stomping on Personal and Customer Relationships

"The power of the word is real whether or not you are conscious of it. Your own words are the bricks and mortar of the dreams you want to realize. Behind every word flows energy." Sonia Choquette

What Will Happen To Property Prices In 2008? 

 In the world of property, this is one of the most hotly debated topics right now: just what is likely to happen with property prices next year. 2007 has been an interesting year with several significant developments that have affected the market in various ways. The biggest was the introduction of Home Information Packs, more commonly known as Hips. Research ten years ago revealed that more than a quarter of all house sales fell apart before the exchange of contracts, leaving an obvious gap for something to better regulate the market. That was the foundation of Hips, and they were formally announced in the Queen's speech in November 2003.You have to get a pack put together when selling your house in England or Wales. It must contain a number of documents that have to be no more than three months old. 

How To Learn More About The People Who Work For You

Sharon is a manager in a retail store. Phil has just become a foreman on the shop floor of a large manufacturer. Chris has just been promoted to team leader. They've all heard that they'll do better if they learn about the people who work for them. They just don't know how.