Watch the advert, then click on "Read More" to read the transcription:-


Man: There you go love.

Woman: Oh.

Man: That's for you.  You know, I was thinking.  Why have we never got you a really good television, to watch your gardening programmes on?  Um, because all these - gubbins - these would look brilliant in ultra high definition, wouldn't they?  You know, something like a 65", Panasonic, edge lit, LED TV. Something like that, perhaps.  [Slurp] Mmm.  Perfect time, what with summer, and um, and your grass growing.

!Note - Currys and PC World used to be separate entities, Currys were a well-known electrical store, and PC World a well-known electronics store, but the stores in the UK now trade under the combined Currys / PC World brand.  A marriage made in heaven.