Watch the advert, then click on "Read More" to read the transcription:-

Yellow: Is this British enough?
Red: Nope.
Yellow: Do put the kettle on, what, what.
Red: I don't think so.
Yellow: All right geezer?
Red: Negator.
Yellow: Hey! Look at me! I'm British.
Red: Wow!  Epic fail!
Yellow: Yeah!  Right?
Red: Oh boy.

Voiceover: Limited edition M&Ms, red, white and blues only.

So - stereotypical Brits:-

Brass band playing. (At least they weren't playing The Beatles.)
Street party in the background. (We all love a kneesup.)
Cup of tea on the table - of course we never drink coffee.
Furniture - typically British - actually what's missing is curtains. (Most houses have curtains at the window.)

Onto yellow:-

Bowler hat, briefcase, furled umbrella and tie - banker! (Actually only the Orange men in marches in NI would wear this get up: They are scarily British.)
Flat cap, monocle, tweed jacket, plus fours - upper crust.
Punk fashion - working class.
Morris Dancer - maybe the least stereotypical outfit here.  We do still have Morris dancers, and they are all men.
Wearing the Union Jack all the time - no (I do have one in SL, but I never wear it in RL.)
Red, white and blue - Hooray for the union jack and the disunited kingdom.
The accents - RP or Calling everyone "geezer" in a cockney accent - we have so many accents and dialects, it would scare you.


M&M's are colourful button-shaped sweets, produced by Mars, Incorporated. The multi-coloured sugar coating, has the letter "m" printed in lower case on one side.  There are a variety of fillings, usually milk chocolate, or peanuts.  M&M's originated in the United States in 1941, and are now sold in as many as 100 countries.

So, if you want to be "typically British" eat Smarties.

Thanks to Martina and Andrea for sharing the ad on the Virtlantis Facebook page.