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Aye… Hmmm…

Dreams are like angels
They keep bad at bay,
Love is the light
That scares darkness away.
I’m so in love with you
Make love your goal.

The power of love
A force from above
Cleaning my soul.
Flame on burn desire,
Love with tongues of fire
Purge the soul.
Make love your goal.

Make love your goal.

!Note - John Lewis is a department store with a difference in the UK.  Why "with a difference"?  Well, the John Lewis Partnership is an employee-owned UK partnership which operates John Lewis department stores, Waitrose supermarkets and some other services. The company is owned by a trust on behalf of all its employees — known as partners - who have a say in the running of the business and receive a share of annual profits, which is usually a significant addition to their salary. The group is the third largest UK private company in the Sunday Times Top Track 100 for 2010.