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American: Hello Britain!

Brit: Hello.

American: Here at Enterprise Rent-a-Car, not only...

Brit: Car hire.

American: What?

Brit: We say "car hire" not "rent-a-car". It's a UK thing.

American: Right. Here at Enterprise, not only will we pick you up ... That's the driver...

Brit: We also give you the UK's biggest selection of vehicles.

American: They all come with stick shifts, coz we know you Brits love that.

Brit: We do automatics too.

American: So, come give Enterprise a try. Just look for the aluminum signs.

Brit: Aluminium.

American: No, it's not.

Brit: It is, it's got a "u" in it.

American: Shut up!

Brit: No, I'm serious, aluminium.

Voiceover: It's UK car hire.

American: With US customer service!

Both: Enterprise - We'll pick you up!

American: Ha ha! That's what I'm talking about! Huh!

!Note - There are a lot of differences between AmE and BrE. You can read more of them here.  American vs British English