Weetabix - Fuel for big days

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Dad:  Oh! Big bowl of Weetabix you've got there son. Big day?

Boy:   Massive!  I've got one paper round, two exams, then I've got to mark a kid in football that's twice my size, followed by nervously chatting up girls that are clearly way out of my league.

Dad: That's nothing.  I've got to sprint for my train, get squashed for 30 minutes, spend the next 8 hours in a series of team-building exercises, and all the while I'm expected to laugh at my bosses painfully unfunny jokes. 

Mum:  Phh.  That's nothing, I've got to do all your washing, all the shopping, tidy the clothes you lot step over - as if they're invisible.  Then I'm having your mum over for lunch, and she'll spend the afternoon silently judging everything in our home, including me.  

Baby: That's nothing!  Gurgle gurgle.  Scream! 

Voiceover:  Packed with slow-release energy to keep you going.  Weetabix - fuel for big days. 

!Note - Weetabix is a popular breakfast cereal in the UK.