Improve your English through adverts

Budweiser Streaker

I'm beginning to think that beer companies make the best ads!

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!Note - A streaker is someone who takes off all their clothes and runs naked through a public place.


Horses neighing gallop towards the camera. You can see the breath coming out of their nostrils. The camera pans away and you realise that there are two herds of horses galloping toward each other, and they are being watched by a crowd of various other animals.

The horses toss their heads; neighing, snorting  and stamping the ground with their hooves. Two nervous looking sheep look on. A horse places its hoof on an American style football on the ground. Suddenly you hear the bleat of a sheep.

The horses look up, startled. A shorn sheep pushes through a flock of wooly sheep and proceeds to run through the line up of horses.  The other animals, wolves, bison, deer and sheep are all laughing (in their own peculiar way).  The naked sheep wiggles his rear end at the crowd and does a little dance. You see two cowboys are watching too.


1st Cowboy - Streaker.
2nd Cowboy - Didn't need to see that.
1st Cowboy - Nope.