English poetry,

  • April Showers


    April showers bring May flowers,
    That is what they say.
    But if all the showers turned to flowers,
    We’d have quite a colourful day!
  • Humanity


    In the midst of chrysanthemums
    On the other side of blue
    Found I you
    Waiting like a puddle
    After summer rain

    I had followed the limping child
    Thin through not enough
    In the tall grass
    Half a day walking
    Clutching curiosity

    You were sitting wrapped in desperation
    Unwashed yet cleansed
    Hungry yet full
    A blind cobra
    Empty of dignity

    People passed you by in their oblivion
    I looked and saw your flame
    Almost extinguished
    Barely flickering
    Took your hand
    In mine

    How could I pass you by
    How could I............??

    © Keith Dodrill

  • I Dream A World


    I dream a world where man
    No other man will scorn,
    Where love will bless the earth
    And peace its paths adorn.
  • I'll get one tomorrow - Recommended Poem


    Barber, barber, come and get me;
    Hairy torrents irk and fret me.
    Hair and hair again appears;
    And climbs like ivy round my ears.
    Hair across my collar gambols;
    Down my neck it wayward ambles.
    Ever down it trip it tickles;
    Yes, where it trips it tickles.
  • March - A Birthday Poem - Recommended Poem

     Croci in the snow

    My child as yet unborn, the doctors nod,
    Agreeing that your first month shall be March,
    A time of year I know by heart and like
    To talk about - I, too, was born in March.
  • May



    The wind is tossing the lilacs,
    The new leaves laugh in the sun,
    And the petals fall on the orchard wall,
    But for me the spring is done.
  • Mother

  • My Wife's a Winsome Wee Thing - Recommended Poem


    She is a winsome wee thing,
    She is a handsome wee thing,
    She is a lo'esome wee thing,
    This dear wee wife o' mine.
  • Synaesthesia



    Synaesthesiagrand perspectives

    mingle in my mind

                         colours of perception

                         look similar yet apart

    jagged ridges of thinking

    cut the feet of curiosity

                        faded images of reality

                        jump into conclusion

    before the intellect breaks

    the threads of judgement

    2017 ©Hifsa Ashraf

  • The Bluebell - Recommended Poem


    A fine and subtle spirit dwells
    In every little flower,
    Each one its own sweet feeling breathes
    With more or less of power.
    There is a silent eloquence
    In every wild bluebell
    That fills my softened heart with bliss
    That words could never tell.

  • Two Tramps in Mud Time - Recommended Poem

    Creative Commons - Phil Roeder 

    Out of the mud two strangers came 
    And caught me splitting wood in the yard, 
    And one of them put me off my aim 
    By hailing cheerily "Hit them hard!" 
    I knew pretty well why he had dropped behind 
    And let the other go on a way. 
    I knew pretty well what he had in mind: 
    He wanted to take my job for pay.
  • Viennese Waltz

    Viennese Waltz

    Whirls and flicks her pearly dress to the music of the waltz

    dances merrily to ​capture fleeting moments of euphoria


    glides with wings of obsession to touch the apex

    taps and turns with gentle moves towards the climax


    throbbing heart creates a loud but rhythmic tune

    swaying souls gathering closer on the fleckerl cues


    sparkling eyes mesmerise her lover by degrees

    whisks and twists to tantalise her feelings madly


    holds her gently to unleash the pure ardour

    entwined fingers transcend impuissant into splendour


    Viennese waltz as yin yang magnetises two souls

    dance in the moonlight converge them as a whole

    May 2017 ©Hifsa Ashraf