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  • English In Use - 'Cold Paw'

    A selection of headlines from stories in the news. They use English in a way that is intended to confuse but it's all perfectly clear to the native speaker.

  • English In Use - 'Dying To Meet You'

    A selection of headlines from stories in the news. They use English in a way that you might think is intended to confuse but it's all perfectly clear to the native speaker.

  • English In Use - 'Home Sweet Fawn'

    A selection of headlines from stories in the news. They use English in a way that you might think is intended to confuse but it's all perfectly clear to the native speaker.

  • English In Use - 'TV Chef Pays Staff Peanuts'

    A selection of headlines from stories in the news. They use English in a way that you might think is intended to confuse but it's all perfectly clear to the native speaker.

    Pay Peanuts

  • News Round Up 135

    In a bid to attract more Chinese visitors, over 100 places of interest in the UK have been given Mandarin names, says the Daily Mail.

    It's part of a £1.6 million campaign to get more Chinese tourists to come to Britain.

  • News Round Up 137

    ADMIN worker Vicky Worrall, from Runcorn in Cheshire, claims she has found the world's longest Hula Hoop in her lunch-time snack.

    It measures almost five inches and was discovered by Vicky when she tucked into a packet of cheese and onion-flavoured Hula Hoops, says the Daily Mail. She now plans to sell it on eBay to raise money for charity.

  • News Round Up 141

    WHEN kids leave the family home, their parents throw out up to £2,000 worth of their belongings, says a story in the Daily Mail.

    The paper was reporting on a survey which also claimed that one in 12 declutter just a week after their offspring's departure.

  • News Round Up 142

    SEEN a rabbit in the UK? Then tell the scientists.

    The BBC reports that biologists want the public to report sightings of rabbits and hares as part of a conservation effort. Apparently the bunnies are easier to spot in spring when vegetation is low and the breeding season is under way.

  • News Round Up 257

    IT'S pleasing to see that one of my regular walks has been named as the second most favourite picnic spots for Brits.

    The Daily Mirror reports on a survey for DisneyLife which reveals that the Welsh beach of Three Cliffs Bay in Gower was voted top spot for a family spread followed by the idyllic Padley George in the Derbyshire Peak District which I can thoroughly recommend to anyone visiting the area.

    Third was another Welsh beach, Aperporth in Cardigan Bay.

    The survey said that around 85 per cent of people will have a picnic at least once over the summer holidays and more than a third of families are prepared to travel for more than an hour to enjoy an al-fresco meal.

  • News Round Up 258

    VISITORS to London are going to miss out – on the sound of Big Ben.

    The Daily Express reports that the clock's famous 'bongs' will be silenced for four years to protect workers who are renovating the Elizabeth Tower which houses Big Ben and its bell.

    They will still ring out for important national events such as New Year's Eve and Remembrance Sunday but this will be the longest period Big Ben has been silenced in its 157-year history.

    Steve Jags, the keeper of the Great Clock, said: “Big Ben falling silent is a significant milestone in this crucial conservation project.

    “This essential programme of works will safeguard the clock on a long term basis, as well as protecting and preserving its home - the Elizabeth Tower.”

  • News Round Up 263

    THREE cheers for 34 year old Mark Beaumont, from Perthshire, who has broken the world record for cycling around the world in 79 days – 44 days shorter than the previous record.

    He arrived at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris one day ahead of schedule after cycling 18,000 miles and an average of 240 miles per day, reports The Independent.

  • News Round Up 265

    If Brits are complaining about the trouble finding somewhere to park, it could be because of their bad parking skills, says a Daily Mail article.

    They report on a study which found that motorists are so bad at parking that almost a fifth of the space available for cars goes to waste.

    Researchers commissioned by Direct Line Car Insurance looked at 120 roads where kerbside parking bays were ‘full’ and there was no space between any two vehicles to fit an additional car.

    Having calculated how much extra space would be available if every car on the street used park assist technology that automatically guides the vehicle into a space, they concluded that across the country up to 17 per cent of parking space on streets could be freed up if all drivers used the technology.

    The greatest average distances between parked vehicles was in London and Birmingham with the potential to increase capacity by 20 per cent.

  • News Round Up 267

    BOLSOVER Castle in Derbyshire has been named as the 'spookiest' English Heritage site, reports the Daily Mail.

    The paper says that the 17th century castle is built on an ancient burial ground and was once home to William Cavendish - the first Duke of Newcastle. 

    Visitors have reported hearing muffled disembodied voices, doors slamming on their own, and unexplained, eerie lights.

    Lucy Hutchings, regional director at English Heritage, said: “Our sites are soaked in history and from bloody battles to dark deeds, not all of their stories are sweetness and light.”

  • News Round Up 268

    AN article in the Daily Mirror puts the spotlight on 33 year old Claire Davies, from Aberystwyth in Wales, who lost almost half her bodyweight in just a year so she could fit into her dream wedding dress: She dropped from nearly 22 stone to 11st 8lbs.

    Claire commented: “Every time, I craved a packet of crisps, I pictured my dream wedding dress. This kept me motivated to lose weight. I joined my local gym and, twice a week, I exercised for an hour and half.”

  • News Round Up 272

    HOW about this for a story containing plenty of Christmas cheer?

    According to The Independent, The Alexandra pub in Wimbledon, London, is offering a free pint of beer and a Christmas dinner to anyone who is on their own this year.

    A statement on the pub's Facebook page reads: “I've been asked by a few people now if we are doing the 'free meal for anyone who is on their own' thing on Christmas day this year. The answer is that of course we are, and we're doing it exactly the same as last year.

    “Free means free, once you've eaten it and drank it you can toddle off home if you want, you are not obligated one per cent to buy anything at all. We don't want your email address, it doesn't matter if you never set foot in the pub again, or if you never came here before, as long as you leave here happier than you would have been if you hadn't walked in on Christmas day, we've done our bit.”

  • News Round Up 278

    HOT water bottles are coming back into fashion, reports the Daily Mail.

    A new report says that the switch to old-fashioned hot water bottles is because families are trying to save on heating bills during the cold winter months following price rises by the big energy companies.

    The report by internet firm Studio says that sales are the highest since the 1960s.

    A Studio spokesperson said: “Households are using the same methods of keeping warm as their grandparents used in post-war Britain.”

  • News Round Up 279

    BRITS may be able to celebrate the May 19 wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at St George’s Chapel in the grounds of Windsor Castle by spending more time in the pub, says The Guardian.

    It seems the government is considering allowing bars and other licensed premises to delay calling time until 1am on May 18 and 19.

    Home Secretary Amber Rudd, who has launched a four-week consultation on extending the licensing hours in England and Wales, commented: “The royal wedding will be a time of national celebration, and we want everyone to be able to make the most of such a historic occasion.

    “I hope that this relaxation of the licensing hours will allow people to extend their festivities and come together to mark what will be a very special moment for the country.”

  • News Round Up 281

    SIXTY two year old Val Marks is very attached to her gas cooker.

    The Daily Express explains that Val, from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, owns one of Britain's oldest gas cookers...because it is the last surviving memento of her late mother Grace.

    Val took possession of the New World 42 appliance when Grace died in 1999 aged 79, and has since cooked more than 20,000 meals with it.

    Grace apparently bought it for £38 in 1959 and Val commented: “It’s the only thing I’ve got left of my mum’s belongings.

    “People say I should get a new one but I say ‘No, it’s my memories of my mum’. It was my mum’s pride and joy; she was always cleaning it.”