English idioms

  • Kissing Frogs - Language Article


    There is an old fairy story, from France I think, about a princess who kisses a frog and he turns out to be a handsome prince. Out of this has developed the adage, 'You have to kiss a lot of frogs, before you find your prince'. In other words you will get what you want if you persist, but getting there might not be that pleasant.

  • Memories - Language Article


    My grandson had a great time over Christmas, being loved, hugged and given lots of presents. He is however only a few months old, so he won’t be able to remember it. Here’s hoping some of his presents last a while, so that he will at least have something to keep as a memento of such a special day.

  • Nice - Language Article

     Fool or Nice

    Nice is one of those words which have changed in meaning over time. 

  • Speed - Language Article


     Yesterday I was a sent a picture of my young great niece running at her first school sports day. Her mum said, ‘She was going like a train.’ That is with full power, very fast.

  • The Problem with Prepositions - Language Article


    Learning English can be so much fun, but those pesky little prepositions are often very tricky. They may be small and seem like no big deal to look at, but they can get on your nerves, get you into trouble and can mean the difference between: going withyour friend for lunch or having your friend for lunch! Yuck!