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  • Business Ethics

    Basic Definition of Business Ethics

    by Angela Wills

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    One of the traits I've always prided myself with is having great ethics.

    I believe ethics comes down to having a fundamental need for fairness, equality, humility and genuine concern for others.


  • Business Ethics: An Oxymoron

    Business E.T.H.I.C.S

    “To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” Douglas Adams

    Ask anyone in the world of business whether corporate ethics is an oxymoron and you are likely to get a somewhat awkward answer, full of platititudes and guff. Of course everyone believes that businesses should operate in an ethical manner, but the sad truth is that many people are willing to sacrifice their morals if it means adding a few extra zeros to their pay cheques. Some people call it "pushing the envelope", and seem to think that if it isn't strictly against the law, then it's okay.

    Nowadays, it seems that every few weeks a business scandal makes the headlines.  Whilst you would assume that only large corporations could be at the centre of such a scandal, today even the little guys are having their business ethics questioned. We have looked at a few recent case studies, large and small.

  • Green IT and business - Business English

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    The link between green IT and business is awkward. Computers are not eco-friendly, yet many companies cannot run without an IT system. At the same time, businesses have a duty to the environment, and green issues matter to their customers. So, if a company ignores green IT, it risks damaging its name and its profits.

    Green IT therefore appears on the business agenda, but development progress is slow. So what’s the problem?


  • The Price of Ethics - Business English



    We all want to believe that practicing good ethics in both our personal and professional lives is the right thing to do; that we should not wrong, cheat, or defraud others. The reality though is we have allowed unscrupulous ethical practices to creep into our lives like a vine that starts at the root and, if left unchecked, slowly climbs the tree and eventually strangles it. The current recession is indicative of how we are all having to pay a hefty price for ethical corruption, e.g.; companies are closing, people are out of work, houses have been foreclosed, retirement funds are depleted causing people to work longer and creating a crowded job market for young people to enter. Some would say the recession is a simple matter of economics and nothing else. Nonsense.