A Daily Mirror story has provided some figures about how much distance the average parent covers pushing a pram.

It quotes a study covering 1,000 mums and dads by which revealed that they clock up almost 750 ‘buggy miles’ a year – further than travelling from London to Barcelona.

Apparently the typical tot will be strapped into their pram eight times a week, for a stroll of around 1.8 miles on each occasion.



On display at the National Museum Cardiff will be a clear thumbprint left by Leonardo da Vinci on one of his drawings.

The Guardian newspaper reports that the print is in the centre of the left edge of one of his drawings of the cardiovascular system and principal organs of a woman, circa 1509–10 and its display is part of events marking the 500th anniversary of da Vinci's death.

Martin Clayton, the head of prints and drawings at the Royal Collection Trust, commented: “You can really feel the man at work on this drawing, with his inky fingers,That makes me feel a little tingly.”

“It has been observed before but it is the first time we’ve really stood back from it and said this is actually quite something. There are smudges and partial prints on Leonardo’s other drawings, but this is far and away the crispest, clearest, most definite Leonardo thumbprint or fingerprint.”



Back home after a four year break is Nala, a Staffordshire bull terrier which was stolen in Blackpool in 2014.

The Independent says that despite her owners reporting the theft to the police, the culprits were not traced and Nala was instead sold on to another family who did not know she had been stolen.

Nala’s true origins came out after a routine check-up at her new owners vet's in Kent, hundreds of miles south, revealed that she had been microchipped.

PC Martyn Tulk from Kent Police , said: “It was a pleasure to be able to reunite the dog with its rightful owner. After being away for so long it was great to see the recognition Nala had for her family.

“The person who had innocently bought Nala was extremely supportive and although they were also a victim in this they helped us to ensure she was returned.”



Discovered in the archives of Bristol central library was a ,previously unknown 13th-century version of a tale featuring Merlin and King Arthur, reports The Guardian.

The seven handwritten fragments of parchment were unearthed bound inside an unrelated volume of the work of a 15th century French scholar and tell the story of the Battle of Trèbes, in which Merlin inspires Arthur’s forces with a stirring speech and leads a charge.

The fragments are believed to be a version of the Estoire de Merlin – the story of Merlin – from the Old French sequence of texts known as the Vulgate Cycle or the Lancelot-Grail Cycle

Academic Dr Leah Tether said: “These fragments are a wonderfully exciting find, which may have implications for the study not just of this text but also of other related and later texts that have shaped our modern understanding of the Arthurian legend.”

He added: “Time and research will reveal what further secrets about the legends of Arthur, Merlin and the Holy Grail these fragments might hold.”



Finally the Daily Star tells us that a red panda has been found “safe and well” after escaping from Belfast zoo.

It was found following a 12 hour search after police said in an earlier statement: “Earlier today a red panda decided to take a surprise vacation from Belfast zoo, it is believed to be currently taking the sights of beautiful Glengormley.

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