BRITONS are facing a crisis of huge proportions, warns the Daily Star.

The paper claims that we will have to eat shorter chips next year because the summer heatwave has yielded smaller potatoes!!

Apparently we annually import around 750,000 tonnes of frozen chips from Belgium and the Netherlands where farmers suffered a 20 per cent cent cut in crop yields due to drought.

Pierre Lebrun, the co-ordinator of the potato sector of Wallonia, Belgium, confirmed chips will be an inch shorter than their usual 3.5 inches length.



Eighty three year old Bill Platts, from Barnsley in South Yorkshire, is certainly a creature of habit.

The Daily Mirror reports that Bill and his daughter Ruth have holidayed together for 50 years at the Biarritz Hotel in Jersey. - spending an estimated 660 nights there.

He first visited the hotel in 1968 when Ruth was just one years old and Bill estimates that he has stayed in the same room for 660 nights and outlasted five different managers.

Bill commented: “The hotel just serves our needs so well - we ask them to save us the same room every year.”

Around 20 years ago Ruth began bringing her husband Shawn Rabon, on the trips.



On a similar theme, the Daily Express tells us about headteacher Fran Lysyj who has just retired from her dream job as headteacher of St Thomas of Canterbury Roman Catholic Primary School in Bolton, 54 years after leaving the same school as a pupil.

Fran first left the school at the age of 11 but returned as a 21-year-old teacher and stayed for another 44 years, eventually becoming its principal. 

Fran said: “I found out about the job from the parish priest when I went to arrange my wedding.

“He told me there was a job going at St Thomas' which I jumped at as I had been a pupil there and loved it. But it was a bit strange as my old headmaster interviewed me for the job.”



According to The Guardian, archaeologists believe they have identified the exact site of Henry VII’s birth in 1457 after excavations in the grounds of Pembroke Castle in Wales uncovered the remains of a massive medieval mansion.

James Meek, who is heading the excavation for the Dyfed Archaeological Trust, said: “We know [from documentary evidence] that he was born in the castle, which was at that time owned by his uncle, Jasper Tudor ... it’s more likely that he was born in a modern residence, for the time, than in a guard tower on the walls.”



Funny story in The Independent about James Coad, from Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire, who arranged for a six foot Subway sandwich to be delivered in the middle of his wedding speech as a reminder of his first date with new wife Lucinda.

Talking about a “typical work night”, James said: “Later in the night I took her to Subway and thought I’d be romantic by offering her an Italian 6-inch BMT.

“But when I handed it to her – she dropped the whole lot on the floor. I didn’t offer her mine though, that went home with me.”



Comeback tail for the large butterfly in The Guardian.

The specimen was declared extinct in Britain in the late 70s but has since made a dramatic comeback and has now enjoyed its best UK summer on record thanks to the lovely weather and a conservation efforts in the West Country of England.

Professor Jeremy Thomas, the chair of the joint committee for the restoration of the large blue butterfly, said: “This rare butterfly is really important because it is more difficult to conserve than other butterflies due to its complex life cycle.”



The Daily Express gives the thumbs up to D-Day veteran Harry Read who has taken part in his first high-level skydive since he parachuted into Normandy 74 years ago.

The 94 year old jumped 10,000 feet after taking to the skies from Old Sarum airfield in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

During the Second World War, Mr Read was a 20-year-old wireless operator and part of the Parachute Brigade landing in Normandy on June 6 1944.

He commented: “This was my first high-level skydive and whilst I was a little nervous I have always enjoyed the thrill of parachuting.

“It was amazing to experience the freefall and then cruising down was simply beautiful. I feel so lucky to have been able to experience this at my age.”

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