Silly Poems and Rhymes

Here are some of the sillier poems, jingles, rhymes that we have found over the years. 

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Look out for "Listen Here".  Just click on the link and listen to Lynne read it out loud.  She hasn't managed every poem, just some of her personal favourites.  If you have read a poem out loud, put the link on the forum.  :)

My boyfriend's name is Fatty


My boyfriend's name is Fatty,
He comes from Cincinatti,
With 48 toes
And a dimple on his nose,
And this is how my story goes:

I L-O-V-E love him,
I'll K-I-S-S kiss him,
I'll H-U-G hug him
In the p-a-r-k park park park.

My boyfriend gave me peaches.
My boyfriend gave me pears.
My boyfriend gave me 50 cents to kiss him on the stairs.

I gave him back his peaches.
I gave him back his pears.
I gave him back his 50 cents
And kicked him down the stairs.