Short Stories

Having a Laugh


by Patrick O’Connor

HE was falling. Not flying, falling. No wings, just outstretched arms desperately seeking something to hold on to.

Below him was a big black hole. He was falling towards it and he was screaming. Screaming so loud that he thought his lungs would burst. But the fall went on and on and there didn’t seem to be an end to it.


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Like a Rolling Stone

by Patrick O'Connor

IT was great to get away from the chip shop.

Standing in the fresh early morning air, waiting for his two mates to join him, Mick could hardly conceal his excitement.   He fingered the three tickets in his pocket. Never won a raffle before in his life. And to a Rolling Stones concert as well - unbelievable.

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I woke up groaning, a drum beating painfully inside my head. Tongue thick and dry, body drained - not unusual for a Saturday morning.

I wanted to return to my dreams, but imagined I smelt coffee. Thirst winning; I dragged myself out of bed, donned my threadbare maroon toweling robe, pushed my feet into my old-flapping carpet slippers and set off to investigate the unexpected aroma.

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