Short Stories

A tailor and a goldsmith were traveling together, and one evening when the sun had sunk behind the mountains, they heard the sound of distant music, which became more and more distinct. It sounded strange, but so pleasant that they forgot all their weariness and stepped quickly onwards. The moon had already arisen when they reached a hill on which they saw a crowd of little men and women, who had taken each other's hands, and were whirling round in the dance with the greatest pleasure and delight.

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THOMAS had read somewhere that it's 22 yards between the wickets on a cricket pitch, but this was nowhere near that.

When he was Freddie Trueman bowling to the Aussie's Neil Harvey, he thought the gap between the wickets was the same as it was on the real pitch, but that was a long time ago when Thomas and his best pal Geoffrey spent their summers re-enacting Test matches on The Green, an oasis between rows of anonymous council houses. The Green had six trees of various species spread around it which, in their imagination, provided the perfect Test match arena for the boys.

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Once there was a girl, she was a good girl, but she was very, very greedy. She would eat anything. She would eat cows, dogs - she would even eat the earth from under your feet.

One day, her parents decided that they had had enough; she was eating them out of house and home.  'Go away', they said. 'You are too greedy. We don't want you anymore.  Go and find yourself a rich husband who can afford to feed you.'

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